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by Dying Vision

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Dying Vision created Univerself with the purpose of fusing aspects of extreme metal (death, black, and thrash) Together with a dark and melodic theme.

"Univerself" is the London based first official release and is currently only available for purchase here on Bandcamp and of course, at a gig near you.

With great critical reviews overall many hailing praise for the album

'To say they are a new found treasure in this cave of Metal gems would be an understatement. Highly recommended for fans of Black and Death Metal; you’d be a fool to miss them.’ of Univerself. Rating: 10/10 (Masterpiece)

With the outlook of touring around the UK and Europe in 2015 to promote this album we look forward to playing at a venue near you


Dying Vision


released June 6, 2014

All music by Starash

Lyrics by Virian

Arrangements by Dying Vision

Logo, front cover and design by Anna Rosol

Univerself was recorded at Monroe Studio (Masachist, Vesania, Shadows Land) in Stargard, Poland under the supervision of Arkadiusz Jablonski.



all rights reserved



Dying Vision was founded
by guitarist Starash ,Navar and Drummer See-King With addtional members of Vocals: Viran and Synth: Herra.

Dying Vision debut Univerself was created

after the album was released the Line up changed to Bass: Owen Padfield and Vocals: Richard who joined in 2015 to complete the line up.

We are now prepared to unleash ourselves to a venue near you

is futile.
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Track Name: Mental Attraction of Æons.
You live in the complete nebula of the universe
That was once condensed
In a sphere of massive energy
After the big explosion
Scattered into billions of parts
Sometimes in the form of atoms
Parsecs away from here
And still constantly receding
But life-giving elements could come to earth
On meteorites sowing stem cells here
Behold the power of your mind
To attract the atoms from the furthest corners of cosmos
And assemble them as building blocks
To see the future within your head
Use this force whenever you want…
Track Name: Inner Wishing Well
“In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” <-
The wish is the highest law
Natural impulse sustaining life process
But when desire becomes an obsession
Everything turns into colorless landscape
You blindly strive for the aim
Conducting orders of distorted will
„Nipson anomemata me monan opsin” <-
In your inner well of desires
The same where you wandered
Following the white rabbit of greed
Self-cleaning pave the way to stars
Where body and soul creates harmony
Vexation goes away into oblivion
To meet expectations of the universe’s nature…
Track Name: Spiritual Artifacts (Recall of Delight).
When you were a careless child with an open mind
You soaked up like a sponge with sensory receptors
Incentives derived from the outside world
To create imagination
But most nourished by beautiful sounds
This rapture
Dwells inside you forever
Recalls every time you want to or
Encounter on its trail
Maybe you will not remember the facts
But delight certainly
Art is a portal
Connecting different states of spirit
And influencing each other
That is why this state could never die
It is passed on
Now, when you listen to these song
The feeling fills you up
Think about what will you feel
In the future
Hearing this sounds from the past…
Track Name: Revelation of Galatea's Sister.
Looking for serenity you find only darkness
Yearning for sensitivity you get rejected
Wanting a flame you get a block of ice
At last accepting the fate of recluse
You find your second half
Perfection stands on two legs
Awaken from a dream
Singing a song that only you can hear
Freeing you from the greatest pain
Taking your spirit on a trip to the moon
Where you will be dancing as light as a feather
Seeing life from this perspective
Army of dummies wandering aimlessly
Suddenly finding her pale body in a bath with open veins
You realize that all this idyll was just a lie
She leaves a letter with an abstract of this horror
Longing for the lost half of yourself
Weaved her out of your dreams
She was a reflection of your deepest desires
energy giving pulse to your flesh
She left and so will you, in torment and misery
Scorned by heart that gave her life…
It was just a hallucination
An error of your sick mind
Watch out for what you desire
Because in opposition the nightmares
May also come true…